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What happens if there is no one else in my division?

If there are no other competitors in your division, we will explore potential mergers. 

The most likely scenario is that you will be moved up a weight class or a lower weight class will be moved into your weight class. 

Please note the following:

  • We will not move you up in skill level in the Gi.
  • You may be moved up in skill level for NoGi upon request.
  • We will not merge Adults into Masters or Seniors divisions.
  • Kids 15 and older can be moved into Adults divisions upon request.
  • Masters and Seniors can be moved down in age upon request.
  • We will not merge Females into Male divisions.
  • You have until the event's change deadline to change your registration.

If no mergers are available to you (denoted by an "x" next to your division), you will be provided with a full value coupon credit, usable at any of our future events. 

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